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October 29, 2018 - admin - 10:42 am

Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe – October 23, 2018 (Commercial Free) Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe, pioneer of Medical Spiritual Healing joins to discuss using Ancient Healing Methods for Modern Illnesses.  Medical Spiritual Healing integrates ...


October 29, 2018 - admin - 10:38 am

Gerald Celente – October 23, 2018 (Commercial Free) Gerald Celente, publisher of Trends Journal joins to discuss China, gold, oil, and the global economy. Please follow and like us:...


October 20, 2018 - admin - 12:06 pm

Dr. William Schnoebelen – October 19, 2018 (Commercial Free)

(more…) Please follow and like us:...


October 15, 2018 - admin - 4:54 pm

Pastor Nicholas Wright – October 15, 2018 (Commercial Free)

Part I: Part II: Pastor Nicholas Wright from Covenant Love Christian Center ...


October 13, 2018 - admin - 11:17 am

Dr. Sherry Rogers – October 12, 2018 (Commercial Free) Learning about our health, what is good and what is bad, has had a lot to do with the research and life of Dr. Sherry Rogers , through her shows and her many books. She ...


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