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May 21, 2019 - admin - 5:57 pm

Daniel Estulin – May 17, 2019 (Commercial Free)

Daniel Estulin, researcher, writer, public speaker, senior political analyst, film director, producer joins to discuss the Bilderberg group. Please follow and like us:...


May 16, 2019 - admin - 11:49 am

James McCanney – May 15, 2019 (Commercial Free)

Professor James McCanney joins to discuss a variety of topics such as climate change, state abortion bills, vaccines & more! Please follow and like us:...


May 5, 2019 - admin - 8:38 pm

Guest host Alex Newman with guests Debbie Bacigalupi + Lt. Col. E Ray Moore + Peter Gallo – May 01, 2019 (Commercial Free)

Hour 1 (News + Debbie Bacigalupi Hour 2 (Lt. Col. E Ray Moore + Peter Gallo) Please follow and like us:...


May 2, 2019 - admin - 5:18 pm

Dr. Cass Ingram – April 30, 2019 (Commercial Free)

Dr. Cass Ingram educates on common kitchen spices, especially oregano and it’s healing powers for your emergency medicine chest and gateway to wellness!  With the threat of drug resistant germs and allergies you will want to be sure to inclu...


April 30, 2019 - admin - 4:34 pm

The Moriarty’s – April 29, 2019 (Commercial Free)

Hour 1 Hour 2 Jimmy & JoAnne Moriarty join today’s show to give us an update us on what is currently taking place in Libya and their compilation of Benghazi files that they are making public. Please follow and like us:...


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