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December 17, 2019 - admin - 12:27 pm

Today’s News: December 17, 2019

World News Police use tear gas against French pension reform protesters in Paris RT – Protests against controversial French pension reforms have escalated into clashes between demonstrators and police in Paris. Protesters pelted police with pro...


December 16, 2019 - admin - 12:17 pm

Today’s News: December 16, 2019

World News Catholic Church Moves Toward Gay-Affirmation As German Bishops Declare Homosexual as a “Normal Form” of Sexuality Daily Mail -German bishops have said homosexuality is ‘normal’ as the country’s Catholic Church begins a controver...


December 12, 2019 - admin - 11:00 am

Today’s News: December 12, 2019

(more…) ...


December 11, 2019 - admin - 12:24 pm

Today’s News: December 11, 2019

World News NKorea Tests Trump Patience With Rockets, Taunts Bozeman Daily Chronicle – All year, President Donald Trump refused to respond as North Korea carried out short-range missile tests and chipped away at crippling international sanctions...


December 10, 2019 - admin - 1:28 pm

Today’s News: December 10, 2019

World News Russia faces four-year ban from Olympics World Anti-Doping Agency has banned the team from competing after multiple doping scandals. Al Jazeera – Russia has been accused of manipulating laboratory data, which was handed over to inves...