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June 12, 2017 - admin - 2:04 pm

Leaking US military files was ‘responsibility to public’ – Manning in first interview after release

It was her responsibility to reveal classified military documents to the public, Chelsea Manning told ABC in her first interview after leaving prison, adding that she was unaware that the leaks could threaten US national security. “I’m just me. ...


June 12, 2017 - admin - 2:00 pm

5 Stories You Missed While The Media Obsessed Over The Comey Hearing

Like clockwork, the mainstream media is fervently focusing on a story filled with scandal and intrigue: James Comey’s testimony. Whether it’s a terror attack in the West, a celebrity tailspin, or a superficial drama like James Comey’s conversat...


June 12, 2017 - admin - 1:52 pm

How 1967 Six-Day War Became Testing Ground for USSR, NATO Advanced Weapons

The Six-Day War of 1967 became a testing ground for the USSR and NATO’s cutting edge weapon systems, Sputnik contributor Andrei Kots writes, unveiling one of the reasons for the defeat of the Arab coalition. Exactly 50 years ago, on June 10, 1...


June 12, 2017 - admin - 1:42 pm

3 US soldiers killed after Afghan Army soldier shoots at American troops

Several American servicemen have been killed and injured after coming under fire in a ‘green-on-blue’ attack in eastern Afghanistan, the Pentagon has announced. “Three US soldiers were killed in eastern Afghanistan today,” the Pentag...


June 12, 2017 - admin - 1:37 pm

Serbia’s Idea to Sue NATO for 1999 Bombings ‘Viable’ – Lawyer

Serbia has formed an international legal team to file charges against NATO for using depleted uranium munitions during the 1999 bombing of Yugoslavia. The legal team, proposed by the Serbian Royal Academy of Scientists and Artists, will bring toget...


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