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June 12, 2017 - admin - 2:30 pm

You’re A Prepper. Your Family’s Not. What Should You Do?

Perhaps one of the hardest things to do when prepping is convincing family and friends to join you. Ask any long-time prepper, and they’re likely to have had trouble discussing the topic with loved ones. Prepping isn’t something you can hide from...


June 12, 2017 - admin - 2:26 pm

Smart Meters’ claimed cost efficiency benefits are mostly BUNK, analysis finds

(Natural News) Compared to any other province, people living in Ontario pay steeper rates for their power. According to The Globe and Mail, electricity prices in Ontario have soared in the past decade, rising four times as fast as inflation. Despite...


June 12, 2017 - admin - 2:20 pm

Is The Central Bank’s Rigged Stock Market Ready To Crash On Schedule?

We just saw a major rift open in the US stock market that we haven’t seen since the dot-com bust in 1999. While the Dow rose by almost half a percent to a new all-time high, the NASDAQ, because it is heavier tech stocks, plunged almost 2%. Tech st...


June 12, 2017 - admin - 2:10 pm

Senators Debate Bringing in Comey for Round 2

A key Senate panel is considering whether to step up its battle to meet with former FBI Director James Comey, who gave dramatic testimony this week to a competing committee. Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee are debating subpoenaing Comey to ...


June 12, 2017 - admin - 2:04 pm

Leaking US military files was ‘responsibility to public’ – Manning in first interview after release

It was her responsibility to reveal classified military documents to the public, Chelsea Manning told ABC in her first interview after leaving prison, adding that she was unaware that the leaks could threaten US national security. “I’m just me. ...


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