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July 7, 2017 - admin - 1:00 pm

FOIA Docs Show CIA/Pentagon Made 1,800

Hollywood magic doesn’t percolate only in the minds of legendary producers and acclaimed directors to be brought to life on the big and television screens where actors’ adept performances capture our imaginations; rather, if the plot pertains to ...


July 6, 2017 - admin - 12:23 pm

3.5 Billion Unknowingly Poisoned By Airlines Each Year?

It’s been five months since our first investigative report about the serious health hazards associated with modern air travel: “Asbestos of the Sky” – The Aviation Industry’s Darkest Coverup. I wish the titl...


July 5, 2017 - admin - 7:08 pm

For America to survive, we must declare independence from Big Pharma’s failed medical monopoly

NaturalNews –  Although suddenly everyone is aware of the looming financial collapse of the State of Illinois, almost no one is aware of why it’s actually happening. And the lying mainstream media — purveyors of fake news — won’t dare ...


July 5, 2017 - admin - 7:06 pm

Kentucky Amish Grandfather Sentenced to 6 Years for Sales of Chickweed Salve Not Approved by FDA

Health Impact News – Earlier in March 2017, much to supporters’ bewilderment, a jury found Sam Girod of Bath County, Kentucky, guilty on 13 different counts because he failed to register his homemade herbal Chickweed Salve with the FDA , and ...


July 5, 2017 - admin - 7:04 pm

Queen Anne’s Lace – Butterfly Host Plant and Blueberry Protector

Common Sense Homesteading  – Queen Anne’s lace is also known as Wild Carrot, Bird’s Nest Weed, Bee’s Nest, Devils Plague, garden carrot, Bird’s Nest Root, Lace Flower, Rantipole, Herbe a dinde and Yarkuki.  The World C...


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