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March 11, 2019 - admin - 3:44 pm

Today’s News: March 11, 2019

Top Headlines Half of Young Americans Want to Live in Socialist Country, But 67.1% Credit Free Enterprise for High Earnings CNS News – While half of Millennial and Generation Z Americans say they’d rather live in a socialist country, an even ...


March 8, 2019 - admin - 3:45 pm

Today’s News: March 08, 2019

World News Hungary warns that EU may face break up as EPP battle looms The Liberty Beacon – As Hungary’s battle for continued membership of the European People’s Party looms, Prime Minister Viktor Orban has warned that the European Union co...


March 7, 2019 - admin - 2:30 pm

Today’s News: March 07, 2019

World News U.S. senators offer resolution backing Canada on Huawei CFO Reuters – The Republican and Democratic leaders of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee introduced legislation on Thursday backing Canada’s handling of Huawei T...


March 6, 2019 - admin - 2:00 pm

Today’s News: March 06, 2019

World News Furious Muslim parents withdraw children from school claiming their children are being brainwashed about gay rights in equality lessons Daily Mail – An estimated 600 Muslim children have been withdrawn from a school in protest agains...


March 5, 2019 - admin - 1:59 pm

Today’s News: March 05, 2019

World News France’s only aircraft carrier sets sail for Mediterranean to ‘fight ISIS’ RT – France’s nuclear aircraft carrier, Charles de Gaulle, has been dispatched on a lengthy mission, following repairs. It is set to battle remnants o...