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Welcome to The Power Hour Website. This week’s guests include former NSA intelligence official William Binney, author Terry Beatley to discuss lies told by Planned Parenthood, health expert Robert Redfern will discuss inflammation and how to fight it, Dr. Patrick Porter will discuss healing through sound, Wayne Elliott will be joining for heart month with tips on keeping your heart healthy, Ron Salley will share how his “Miracle Skin” formula can be used for countless skin conditions, CPA Alan Meyers will discuss why the FED is private, and Power Hour favorite Daniel Estulin will discuss geopolitical affairs and current news. To call the show live with questions or comments: 844-769-2944. Please support The Power Hour show by visiting


February 4, 2020 - admin - 12:06 pm

Today’s News: February 04, 2020

World News Coronavirus Cases Have More Than Tripled In Past Week; 20,000 Sickened In China NPR – China says it has more than 20,000 confirmed cases of the Wuhan coronavirus, representing a huge leap from the 4,400 cases reported as of last week...


February 3, 2020 - admin - 12:29 pm

Today’s News: February 03, 2020

World News Is This The Real Reason Why The Coronavirus Is Absolutely Devastating China? Michael Snyder – Sometimes we overlook the obvious because we don’t like the implications.  Right now, China is being hit with plague after plague. As I ...


January 31, 2020 - admin - 12:06 pm

Today’s News: January 31, 2020

World News China’s Viral Death Toll Hits Grim New High as World Health Agency Declares a Global Crisis Newsmax – The World Health Organization declared the outbreak sparked by a new virus in China that has spread to more than a dozen cou...


January 29, 2020 - admin - 12:13 pm

Today’s News: January 29, 2020

World News US evacuees from China head to California military base as coronavirus outbreak grows CNN – A flight carrying about 200 American evacuees is headed to a US military base in Southern California after leaving the epicenter of the deadl...


January 28, 2020 - admin - 12:09 pm

Today’s News: January 28, 2020

World News China Curbs Travel To Hong Kong As Projections Show 300,000 Might Already Be Infected Top health officials share grim statistics ZeroHedge – On Tuesday morning, China’s top health officials shared some grim statistics essentially ...