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August 28, 2019 - admin - 11:50 am

Today’s News: August 28, 2019

World News Queen approves PM Johnson’s request to prorogue UK Parliament until October 14 RT – Queen Elizabeth has approved British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s request to suspend parliament according to a statement from the QueenR...


August 27, 2019 - admin - 12:43 pm

Today’s News: August 27, 2019

World News Hong Kong police accused of locking up onlookers not involved in the illegal protests rocking city SCMP – Lawyers and an ex-officer have accused Hong Kong police of indiscriminately arresting onlookers not involved in illegal anti-go...


August 26, 2019 - admin - 11:55 am

Today’s News: August 26, 2019

World News Hong Kong protest escalation: Tear gas, water cannons and a police officer firing a warning shot Fox – The tension between law enforcement and pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong escalated over the weekend as police used tear ga...


August 22, 2019 - admin - 11:56 am

Today’s News: August 22, 2019

World News Germany sells nearly $1 billion of 30-year negative yielding bonds Market Watch – Germany sold 30-year bonds at a negative yield for the first time, in another sign of how investors’ desperation for safe assets is inflating their v...


August 21, 2019 - admin - 12:01 pm

Today’s News: August 21, 2019

World News Hong Kong protesters mark brutal mob attack with sit-in ABC – Hong Kong protesters held a sit-in at a suburban train station on Wednesday evening to mark a month since a violent attack there by masked assailants on supporters of the ...