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March 22, 2019 - admin - 1:03 pm

Real Science, Real People, Real Results

Astounding discovery to lessen, prevent and correct Diabetic issues. Why haven’t you heard about it? With Just over 100,000,000 Americans living with some form of diabetes and it being the 7th leading cause of death in the United States, you would ...


March 17, 2019 - admin - 9:19 pm

Manufacturing Winter Weather, Engineering A “Bombogenesis” Cyclone

Dane Wigington Global climate engineering operations are not a proposal, they have been an ongoing reality for over 70 years. From weather warfare to engineered winter weather, there are many agendas and objectives to the pro...


February 17, 2019 - admin - 11:40 am

Climate Extremes, Geoengineering And Winter Weather Whiplash

Dane Wigington Erratic and unprecedented weather is radically increasing all over the world. Though  there are countless forms of human activity affecting the equation, the global climate engineering assault is by far th...


February 14, 2019 - admin - 1:35 pm

Jim Fetzer, The Russia Hoax Comes Apart at the Seams by James Fetzer

February 10, 2019 James Fetzerblog If you watch only one video this year, this is the one to watch. See how the DOJ/FBI was hijacked by Hillary Clinton and the DNC to sabotage Candidate Trump and subvert President Trump. It’s far worse than you...


February 11, 2019 - admin - 6:03 pm

Military Union: British Government Policy Since 1948

by MIKE ROBINSON | Tuesday, 15th January 2019 As pressure builds for the issue of EU Military Union to enter the Brexit debate, government becomes ever more vociferous that Britain will not be part of any such project. Strangely, though, history se...


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