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June 8, 2018 - Kathryn - 4:36 pm

Opinion: It’s time we learn facts of the USS Liberty

Will our mainstream media let another year go by without mention of the USS Liberty? On June 8, 1967, Israeli attacks on the U.S. intelligence-gathering ship sailing in international waters off Egypt killed 34 American sailors and injured 174 more. A...


May 27, 2018 - Kathryn - 7:00 am

Tyranny Censoring – YouTube Deletes The Power Hour Channel

In the last few months YouTube has begun the oppression of free thought and censored yet another independent media channel, The Power Hour. Google, YouTube, and Facebook have been ramping up it’s censorship and banning of conservative and secon...


April 14, 2018 - Kathryn - 11:59 am

Nikki Haley: US ‘locked and loaded’ if Assad uses gas again

Washington Examiner – President Trump is determined to authorize additional airstrikes against Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime if Assad’s forces continue to use chemical weapons, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley decl...


April 14, 2018 - Kathryn - 11:58 am

Pentagon says allied strike took out the ‘heart’ of Syria’s chemical weapons program but Assad retains ‘residual’ capability

Washington Post – Western leaders warned Syria on Saturday that they could launch further missile strikes if chemical weapons are used again, while the pre-dawn attacks were denounced by Damascus and its backers as illegal actions that would ca...


April 14, 2018 - Kathryn - 10:31 am

Trump Echoes Bush With ‘Mission Accomplished’…

AP – Allied missiles struck at the heart of Syrian chemical weapons arsenal in a show of force and resolve aimed at punishing the Assad government for a suspected poison gas attack against civilians and deterring the possible future use of such...


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