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At a Veteran’s Day event, the GOP nominee received a standing ovation from a small but fervent group of supporters at his first public event since the Washington Post article’s accusations of sexual misconduct last week. He vehemently denied the story and questioned the timing of the article, Moore reminded those attending that after forty years of being in public service, he’s been scrutinized in the press, investigated by the attorney general, by the judiciary inquiry commission, and by the court of the judiciary and had opposition research used against him in five campaigns . . . “: .and that a grown woman would wait 40 years to bring charges right before an election is unbelievable.  “  The Democrats, and the Republican establishment, know the importance of this election,” Moore continued. “In fact, most people in America know the importance of this election. They view it as a prelude to the elections coming in 2018. It may very well determine the future of our country.”