Action Item: Urge Your State Officials to Stand Up to Anti-Gun Banks!

They’re not going to get away with it.

Not as long as there are Attorneys General like Louisiana’s Jeff Landry who are willing to go to bat for gun rights.

Landry, who was supported by GOA in his last election, struck a major blow to the anti-gun movement when he blocked Citibank and Bank of America from underwriting a $600 million road financing plan in Louisiana.

Egged on by fascist Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York, these two banks have taken a lead in anti-gun activism — cheered on by gun-grabbers and Leftist media pundits.

Now, the Attorney General of Louisiana is making them “pay.”

Will you please contact your governor and attorney general and urge them to follow Jeff Landry’s lead in protecting the Second Amendment?

Citibanks’s new gun control regulations prohibit businesses that have a relationship with the bank from selling “high capacity” magazines.

Citibank has also forbidden bank customers from selling long guns to 18-20-year-olds.

This, despite the fact that young people in this group honorably serve our country in the military with fully automatic firearms.

As for Bank of America, it plans to boycott businesses that “make military-style firearms for civilians.” And, by “military-style firearms,” they mean semi-automatics with certain cosmetic features.

This anti-gun movement is being spearheaded by major financial institutions that want to impose Leftist anti-gun policies — and eventually starve gun dealers and manufacturers, and advocacy groups like GOA.

But you can help put a stop to this if hundreds of thousands of gun owners like you contact their Governors and Attorney General to put a stop a stop to these antics.

Barack Obama led the way with his “Operation Chokepoint,” which was intended to literally choke the life out of the Second Amendment by denying bank loans and credit card processing to gun dealers.

Congress blocked funding for that program after passing a GOA-backed appropriations rider, but now the major banks have taken up the anti-gun initiative on their own.

But imagine what would happen if two dozen Attorneys General or Governors around the nation followed Jeff Landry’s lead in telling Bank of America and Citibank to get lost!

Like shooting a fowl predator and hanging it from a high wire, other financial vultures will get the point that our Second Amendment-protected rights are sacrosanct — and are not to be messed with!

Gun Owners of America applauds General Landry for standing up for the Second Amendment and not giving giant corporations a foothold to alter firearms policy in Louisiana.

Will you please contact your governor and your attorney general and urge them to rein in Bank of America and Citibank, as well?

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