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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is coming to our capitol
THIS Friday, May 3!

Here’s what you need to know:
First, we received confirmation of his acceptance of our invitation just late yesterday, so plans are evolving quickly. When are we able to release more details, the name of the game, like all things at the capitol, will be FLEXIBILITY!

At this point, our very tentative plan of events begins with YOU joining us at 9am in the House Gallery (3W.2) for a House Recognition. From there, we hope to walk over to the Senate Gallery for a Senate Recognition.

All of the legislators have been invited to a Vaccine Safety Forum and Lunch, and there is a potential that some TFVC members could also attend that event. We are also doing our best to arrange for a Meet and Greet with Mr. Kennedy and our members at some point in the day. Again, details are still emerging so your flexibility is appreciated.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, we need YOU to follow this Action Alert crucial to the success of our event:

Please call and email YOUR State Representative and State Senator and ask them to please attend the lunch and forum at 12:30 Friday in the LCC. An invitation to this lunch was hand delivered to EVERY office this morning, so they should know about it.

Look up who represents you here:

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