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Forbes Robots are in the process of changing nearly every aspect of our lives. Our cars are becoming driverless; our homes are being slowly automated. With robots transforming nearly everything, how might they change your retirement income plans?

What about participating in  robotics-for-hire. In other words, you retire, and then hire a robot to work for you and get paid for what the robot does. Hirebotics is reported to be the first robot rental company.. They offers business clients the opportunity to hire a “robot just like you would a human with zero upfront costs. Run the robot 14 hours, pay for 14 hours.  Run the robot 18 hours, pay for 18 hours.  .” And of course, none of those bothersome bathroom or lunch breaks.

As the price of robots is reduced, retirees might invest in shares of a robotic workforce, called  the robo-gig. In the robo-gig economy humans will rent out their own robot for short-term jobs.

The company Gigmasters offers the party robots, resembling Rosie from the Jetsons, or other known characters. These robots are used to. greet visitors at social gatherings, new store openings and tradeshows. More sophisticated future robots could provide lawn services, or escort a driverless car. New vocabulary words are being created in this revolution. One is . robopreneurs. Like the owners of Reis and Irvy’s Froyo Kiosk, a stand alone robot dispensed yogurt stand. Minimum input from humans required. A robo business just might tickle someone’s retirement fancy.