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By James McCanney, M.S.
January 19, 2017

My name is James McCanney, M.S. Physics-Mathematics host of “The James McCanney Science Hour – At the Crossroads” which airs worldwide from WWCR Shortwave Station Nashville, TN. My background is in cyber security and mathematical statistics and “regression analysis” among other specialties (Astronomy Astro-Physics).

I have analyzed the 2016 presidential election results using 3 different methods of Mathematical Regression Analysis and ALL THREE METHODS came to the same conclusion that Hillary Clinton could not have gotten more than 50 Million Votes and more likely received as little as 47 million votes. Attached is a link to my January 19, 2017 lecture showing 1) the 3 Analytical methods and results, 2) the so called “Russian Hacking” of the election was a complete farce promulgated by the FBI & CIA and had no validity and 3) I expose the 11 methods of padding votes for Hillary Clinton that resulted in nearly 17 Million extra (illegal) votes (she was supposed to win by a landslide). The cheating was in select large metro areas which had no effect on the electoral college outcome. This is why Obama turned over elections to the Department of Homeland Security DHS so they could control national elections in the future from a single federal agency, signaling the end of the republic if allowed to continue. Elections
have always been handled at the local level and this should continue to be the case but safeguards must be implemented to eliminate the 11 methods of cheating identified in this study. Please first go through the detailed map analysis as I outline below, then listen to my one hour lecture (click on link below).
click here to listen (also see additional analysis below) –>

FIRST before listening to the lecture (link below) if you have time follow the exercise below to understand where the massive cheating centers for HRC were located in the USA .

Along with today’s lecture is the following very interesting analysis of the county by county vote for the 2016 presidential election. You can readily see that there are nationwide just a few locations where the 12 million to 17 million extra votes for HRC came from. Follow the link given below to the final USA map county by county interactive map (NOTE !! put your mouse
cursor on a county and it will show you actual vote and percentages). Throughout the country scan with your mouse and see the landslide voting counts where Trump wins by as much as 80 to 90 percent. In general in the states with close races or where HRC won, there is a disproportionate number of votes in one county and as you will see there are only 10 such locations in the entire country. This is where the massive cheating occurred so first look at the votes following the actual voting results using the link below and we will then analyze the cheating (first see the state results blue for HRC and red for Trump then select the “Counties” map and run your mouse cursor over the map looking at county by county results). Play with
the maps using your mouse cursor and then return here for more analysis. Select the “Size of Lead” map from the left hand side of the map and you can easily see the 10 major cheating centers (move your mouse cursor above the blue dots to see the voting levels and then move to adjacent areas to see the vast discrepancies between the cheating centers and normal voting results. Do you really think that a street boundary had that large a difference in the population voting results? Note that these are also the locations of democratic senatorial long-time control… could these senators and representatives be in place because of long standing cheating in the
voting counts in these areas? Now select the last map option “Change from 2012” (move your mouse cursor over the map and you will see the vast change from the last election). Again, see that the 10 major cheating centers are easily spotted especially when comparing to adjacent areas.

Here is the link to the interactive map —>

OK you are back from the initial practice of scanning the interactive county maps with your mouse and cursor. NOW let’s look at some specifics. Go to the two blue counties in Wisconsin where the cities of Milwaukee and Madison are located (all of the state is red except 2 major win counties for HRC). Due to the Jill Stein recount effort we know that HRC received approximately 18,000 votes simply from false reporting by precinct officials in Milwaukee alone. BUT these votes could not be counted in the recount (which would have given Trump a huge gain in votes) because the ballot boxes were tampered with (the same we will see in Detroit and other eastern cities). Look also at Wayne County in Michigan do you see the aberration in votes for HRC this is where massive cheating occurred. Now start to look at state results such as Florida Miami-Dade county. MASSIVE stuffing of the ballot boxes for HRC. You will find there are about 10 such locations in the entire USA. Minnesota was “won” by HRC with votes
from one county “Hennepin” where the city of Minneapolis resides. All other counties were red except for a few thousand votes in the north east but once again ONE COUNTY had excessive disproportionate voting in favor of HRC to give here the “win”.

Now carefully scan the counties of Nevada (another HRC win state). Massive Trump wins in all counties EXCEPT where Las Vegas is located. Now look at Cook County Illinois where Obama’s Chicago is located. This is the largest gain city for HRC uncharacteristic of the rest of the state. So now you begin to see the patterns in ALL states where HRC won or nearly won. SINGLE VOTING REGIONS WHERE MASSIVE VOTING FRAUD OCCURRED. Next look at the interactive map called “size of lead” this is where you readily see that there are no more than 10 massive vote locations for HRC whereas all other areas of the USA have even distribution of massive Trump wins. These few BIG BLUE DOTS show you where massive cheating took place totaling the 12 to 17 million rigged votes for HRC but this still was not enough for HRC to win. Remove these locations and regression analysis to the national average and you arrive again at a 4th independent method showing that HRC could not have received more than 45 million real votes. Additionally these high cheating areas did not contribute more electoral college votes (since the electoral college votes are based on population and stuffing the ballot box in an area does not generate more electoral college votes). That is why trump won a landslide victory with electoral college votes which should translate directly into popular votes since the electoral votes are based on population. The final result is that HRC lost by a landslide. The narrative that she “won the popular vote” is simply false. That was one reason why the electoral college was created to protect from stuffing the ballot box in a few key locations to win an election. This is why the claims that HRC “won the popular vote should make her win the president office” have to be challenged since they are trying to use this as a basis for challenging the legitimacy of Trump. The electoral college was created to PREVENT
THIS and now you see the wisdom of the electoral college system. IT WORKS. This is why Obama in his last days in office moved the control of elections under one federal agency DHS to run the federal elections. In scoffing at Trump when he questioned the election process Obama stated that the distributed control of the election would make it impossible to “rig an election” and after Trump won Obama moves the election control under DHS which was caught red handed hacking into voting machines in Georgia and 4 other states. Unless this is reversed it will be the end of the Republic. The Trump win was a result of absolute massive voter turnout for Trump and even with 12 to 17 million false votes HRC still could not win. Given these results, the final actual vote was somewhere in the neighborhood of Trump 74 million to 79 million votes vs HRC 47 million to 50 million votes but under no circumstances could HRC have received more than 50 million votes.
click here to listen to the detailed lecture –> JamesMcCanneyLecture_January_19_2017.mp3